Notarized agreement on payment of alimony
Sample of drawing up a settlement agreement on alimony
An agreement on the payment of alimony is an agreement that regulates the amount, frequency and option of paying withholdings.
State Services Portal
Step-by-step instructions on how to order a certificate of family composition through State Services
The State Services website has become one of the main ways to obtain certain documents and submit various
Fictitious marriage for Russian citizenship! Punishment, risks and consequences
Home / Family law / Marriage registration / Invalidity of marriage Back Published: 05/09/2017 Time
Child sleeping at night
Curfew at 16. “Non-children’s” time in Russia and other countries
For minors to stay on the streets, in crowded places, in other cultural or
differences between official marriage and civil marriage
What kind of marriage is officially recognized in the Russian Federation?
Home / Family Law / Marriage Back Published: 02/16/2018 Reading time: 5
Rights and obligations of spouses in marriage: personal, property
Free legal consultation by phone: 8 Registration of relationships between a man and a woman in the registry office
Marriage contract in Russia: features, content and meaning
Legal regulation of a marriage contract in Russia Issues of concluding, maintaining, amending a marriage contract, as well as
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