Should we expect an increase in military pensions and will the retirement age for military personnel be increased?

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The news about increasing the retirement age resonated with Russian citizens. In 2021, this was the most discussed and controversial government bill in the country. This law was not immediately adopted; to this day it has many supporters, and even more opponents. At the end of 2021, deputies promised an increase at the beginning of 2021. But alas, this did not happen.

The military was also agitated by the adopted law. How will pensions be calculated for military personnel? Will there be indexation in 2021? By what percentage? But won't it be canceled altogether? Let's try to understand it in detail in the article.

On the draft law on raising the retirement age for military personnel: are there any changes?

The retirement age for military personnel has not yet been raised in 2021. All laws remain in effect. The benefit begins to be paid to a military man who has served 20 years in the army.

When appointing him, length of service and a special reduction factor are taken into account.
ATTENTION! The benefit is indexed annually, payments are made from the Russian Defense Ministry fund.
Despite the government's promises that the retirement age and the number of years served in the army will not increase, you should not blindly take their word for it. Since in 2021, additional economic difficulties may arise in the country, which will result in an increase in the age of service for the military.

Increase in military pensions from January 1, 2019: Latest news from the State Duma

In the past year, it was initially expected to pay an additional 25% of the standard pension for a given case to all military personnel who worked for more than 20 years but did not retire.

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But the latest news shows that no big increase is expected, and the next indexation is planned no earlier than October 2019.

Also, the latest news from the State Duma makes it clear that the military pension from January 1, 2021 received a reserve from the budget in the amount of about 82 billion rubles for wages in the period from 2021 to 2021.
Only from October 1 of this year will it be possible to talk about how dynamic the indexing process will be in 2021. News MirTesen

How much will the pension increase in 2020?

Every year the state indexes pensions in accordance with the national inflation rate.

At the end of 2021, the State Duma planned to increase pension transfers to retired military personnel by 4.3%. After consideration of the bill by the President of the country V.V. Putin decided to increase the percentage to 6.3%. Initially, in accordance with the May 2012 Presidential Decrees, the budget did not include an amount higher than that approved, therefore, in October 2021, the necessary amendments were made to the budget, the project was adopted by the Duma and signed by V.V. Putin.

An additional 2% indexation will be carried out by increasing the reduction factor:

  • in January 2021, the reduction factor was 0.7223;
  • after the presidential amendments were introduced, it increased to 0.7368. The government planned to freeze it until 2021, but in accordance with the presidential amendments, the coefficient was increased;
  • as a result, the pension will increase by 6.3% (indexation will be 4.3%, an increase in the reduction factor by 2%).

According to the report of the State Duma Committee on National Defense, “under-indexation” since 2015 has amounted to 20%.

Pension payments for retired military personnel are calculated differently than for civilians:

  • where BO is the base salary, which is accrued during service;
  • DN - various additional accruals (for assigning a new rank, receiving awards, difficult conditions during service, conducting exercises);
  • VL – number of years of service. The minimum amount is 20 years. 20 years = 0.5b. For each additional year, 0.03b is added;
  • PC – the value of the reduction factor, which from October 1, 2019 will be 0.736.

INTERESTING! Knowing his salary, each military man can approximately calculate his future retirement pension using the given formula.
There are many sites on the Internet where you can find pension calculators and calculate future payments online from your earned vacation.

Indexation of pensions for military pensioners in 2021: what deputies decided

On October 1, 2021, military pensioners will increase pension payments by 6.3 percent. Their value directly depends on the increase in the pay of military personnel (abbreviated as DDV), and increases after it.

In October, DDV will increase by 4.3%. This is the inflation rate determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. This is the requirement of Federal Law No. 306-FZ of November 7, 2011 - on monetary allowances for military personnel (clause 9 and clause 16 of Article 2). Money for indexation is reserved in the federal budget approved for 2019-2021. Another 2% will be added to the pension based on Presidential Decree No. 604, issued on May 7, 2012. The document states that the annual indexation of military pensions should be ahead of inflation - by no less than 2 percent.

Despite the upcoming increase in pensions, Law No. 460-FZ of December 11, 2018 has caused discontent among military pensioners. It is due to the fact that the document extended the moratorium on clause 2 of Art. 43 of Law No. 4468-1 of February 12, 1993, according to which the amount of additional income taken into account when calculating the pension should increase annually by 2% until it reaches 100% of the monetary allowance. However, since 2021, no growth has occurred, since a law was passed annually to suspend the validity of this clause.

In the original version of bill No. 556372-7, which then became law No. 460-FZ, it was proposed to completely suspend paragraph 2 of Article 43 of Law No. 4468-1 for another year. That is, despite the aforementioned Presidential Decree No. 604, the indexation of military pensions in 2021 would be made at the level of 4.3 percent, and not 6.3.

The situation has improved thanks to the amendment introduced by the head of state. From the final text of Federal Law No. 460-FZ it follows that from January to September 2021, the amount of additional income taken into account when calculating a military pension remains the same - at the level of 72.23% of the full salary. However, from October 1, this value increases to 73.68%. By the way, it is this increase that will make it possible to further index military pensions by 2%.

However, many recipients of these pensions believe that the planned indexation of military pensions is completely insufficient and discriminatory. If only because, unlike ordinary pensioners, military personnel will receive a pension increase not at the beginning, but at the end of next year. In addition, it does not take into account periods when inflation rose for several years and military pensions were not indexed.

Indexation for working military pensioners

The increase in pensions for working pensioners will not affect them in any way.

The purpose of payments will be the same as for civilians:

  • an officially employed citizen who has reached retirement age will receive a non-indexed payment from 01/01/2016;
  • from his work activity, a pensioner will pay mandatory taxes in accordance with the current laws of Russia, increasing the number of years worked (experience), an individual coefficient depending on wages, length of service;
  • an increase in accruals for working pensioners, carried out annually in August, the amount depends on the number of points accumulated during the year worked;
  • upon dismissal, the pension is recalculated as for civilians over the next 3 months, upon submission of the necessary documents to the Pension Fund. The recalculation will take into account all increases that increase interest from 2021.

How will the second pension of military pensioners change?

A retired military personnel with mixed length of service has the right to receive insurance premiums provided:

  • reaching retirement age;
  • having more than 9 years of civil service experience;
  • accrual of pension points in the amount of more than 13.8.

Such benefits can be received by both retirees who worked in civilian fields before serving, and pensioners who have earned civilian experience after entering a well-deserved retirement based on their years of service.

In 2021, pensioners in this category can expect an increase in payments of 7%. But such indexation applies exclusively to the second insurance benefit and will not affect the military pension.

Important! It should be taken into account that from 2021 the age for obtaining a social pension will increase.

If the retiree continues to work after reaching retirement age, his second pension will not be indexed in 2019. In this case, payments will increase due to the recalculation of pension payments. Typically, this procedure is carried out automatically in August.

This year, benefits for working pensioners were increased from August 1 in an amount equivalent to the value of up to 3 points.

Receipt of a military personnel pension by members of his family

The spouse of a deceased/deceased military man may receive pension payments for him.

Conditions of appointment:

  • minor children, students/full-time students in higher educational institutions;
  • the spouse has a disability and an old-age pension;
  • The death of a military man was during service or training.

To apply, you must write an application and bring the necessary documents to the military registration and enlistment office located in the region of residence of the deceased and his family. When receiving civilian pension payments, military personnel will receive additional payments.

ATTENTION! The widow will be transferred 2 pensions: civil, military, associated with the death of her husband. Read more in a separate article.

Who is entitled to a military pension?

The list of military personnel who can count on receiving a pension salary based on length of service includes not only those who served for the benefit of the Fatherland in the ranks of the Russian army. The list is quite broad and, according to Law No. 4468-I, includes the following categories:

  • employees of the ground forces;
  • soldiers of the Navy (navy);
  • VKS (Aerospace Forces) workers;
  • employees of the Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces);
  • border guards serving in the FSB border service;
  • employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs);
  • scouts;
  • counterintelligence officers;
  • employees of the Railway Troops (railway troops);
  • state security agents;
  • civil defense (civil defense) fighters;
  • firefighters who serve in the government fire fighting agency;
  • employees of the Federal Drug Control Service (drug control service);
  • employees of the military prosecutor's office and the investigative committee;
  • workers in the penal system.

Since July 2021, the Federal Drug Control Service was abolished, and its functions were transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including the responsibility for pension provision. Former employees of the drug control service, who had retired by that time, had to change their pension certificates, after which the Ministry of Internal Affairs began to finance their payments.

A military pension can also be assigned to those who served during the USSR.

What size pension should the military have according to the president?

According to the president, the defenders of the Motherland should not be forgotten; they must be constantly encouraged. We must not forget about the military, rescuers, people who risk their lives for the sake of calm and peace of Russian citizens. It is worth remembering the military on their well-deserved retirement by annually indexing their benefits in accordance with the established inflation rate in the country.

Due to economic instability in Russia, the annual planned increase of 2% in transfers until 2021 was frozen. In 2021, pensions will increase by additional percentages from October 1.

The basic coefficient for calculating benefits has remained constant since 2017 and is equal to 72.23%.

The State Duma Committee on Defense tried to resist the freeze and the low increase in the percentage of pensions for military personnel.
In their opinion, the reduction coefficient should be increased not by 2%, but by more than 5%, but the proposal was not accepted. ATTENTION! The deputies said that the military needed to increase payments more, but subsequently voted for a 2% indexation, which is not clear.
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How to calculate a military man's salary in 2020 - how much do they pay?

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Why military pensions are growing

Unlike civil security (insurance, state and social), the calculation of pensions for army personnel has its own specifics. The size of payments directly depends on several factors:

  1. The amount of pay for military personnel. SDD is calculated in rubles and consists of salary according to military rank and salary according to military position. With a standard 20-year service, 50% of the SDS is accrued. For each year of military service in excess of the legally established value, an additional 3% is due.
  2. Reduction factor (PC). A PC is applied to the pension of a former military personnel, the amount of which, by law, must increase every year by 2%.
  3. Direct indexing. According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 238 (03/07/2018), the coefficient from January 1, 2019 is set at 1.04.
  4. Individual allowances. A retired military member's pension income increases by a certain percentage if the retiree, for example, is a veteran or has a disability.

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If a serviceman worked in civilian life

If a military man, after leaving service, worked “in civilian life” and gained a certain length of service, he can receive an old-age insurance pension. If a pensioner leaves work, his old-age pension is also subject to annual indexation.

If a person has not achieved a certain length of service, he can count on a pension under the state pension program. From April 2021, it was also subject to indexation and increased by 2%. In addition, it was decided to slightly change the procedure for indexing pension salaries for this category of citizens. After all, previously, even after indexation, pensioner payments did not increase at all. This occurred due to a reduction in the amount of the fixed additional payment, which helps the pension reach the level of the subsistence level (PL).

Now the incomes of pensioners who are on state support are first brought to the level of the PMP and only then indexed. According to the Pension Fund of Russia, thanks to the new indexation procedure, pensions in 2019 increased by an average of 523 rubles.

In 2021, military retirees received a significant increase in their retirement pay. In October, the reduction coefficient and pay for military personnel were indexed, which influenced the growth of military pensions - overall, it increased by 6.3%. But no such changes can be expected in 2021. Only WWII veterans and disabled people can count on additional money - currently one of the smallest categories of beneficiaries.

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