What awaits working pensioners in 2021

Who is considered a working pensioner?

— The current legislation does not provide a definition of the concept of “employee”. At the same time, according to Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On Compulsory State Pension Insurance”, individual entrepreneurs, including those who have chosen a special method of taxation (single tax, fixed agricultural tax), are insured persons.

In accordance with Part 3 of Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Employment,” employment of the population is ensured by establishing relations regulated by employment agreements (contracts), carrying out business and other types of activities not prohibited by law.

When is a pensioner considered to be working?

I have been retired for a year and a half now. During this period I did not work. I accidentally found out that I am still considered a working pensioner and cannot apply for indexation. I started to find out why. It turns out that I had previously published two articles (I write scientific articles). Apparently, the editor officially formalized deductions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation from the fee due to me. How legal is all this?

There is no violation of the law here. Since the beginning of 2021, pension legislation has been amended. Now everyone who works and (or) performs other paid activities (the employer makes accruals and pays insurance premiums) and at the same time receives a pension is assessed from the point of view of the law as “working pensioners”.

Disabled citizens - who are they? Payments to this category of population

  1. An application from a disabled person giving consent to care for him. If a person is declared incompetent, then the application is submitted by a legal representative. The document must be accompanied by a document confirming guardianship.
  2. Statement from the person who will be caring for or is caring for.
  3. A certificate confirming that the pension has not been assigned. She is taken to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at her place of stay.
  4. A certificate confirming that no unemployment benefits are being received.
  5. Extract from the certificate of examination of a disabled citizen.
  6. A conclusion that confirms that a person needs constant care.
  7. Passport.
  8. Work record book of the caregiver.
  9. Certificate of full-time training of the person providing care.

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The legislation stipulates who and until what time must provide care for a non-working citizen. Thus, children must be looked after by parents or a parent or guardian until they reach adulthood. If the child goes to study abroad, then the status of a disabled person is extended until the age of 23.

Who is considered a parasite and who

If you raised a child under 7 years of age for 1 month, worked under a contract for 1 month, were at military training for 1 month, worked as a lawyer for 1 month, served 1 month in prison, after that 1 month were temporarily incapacitated - and in total this is more 183 days, then you are no longer considered a parasite.

According to the Decree, tax authorities will search, track and collect money from parasites. The tax office will check the expenses and incomes of citizens and look for the unemployed. By the way, if you admit to the tax office that you are a parasite before July 1, 2021, they will give you a 10% tax discount.

Pensions of working pensioners

From 2021, all pensioners who stopped working will have their pensions indexed from the 1st month after dismissal , however, pensioners will be able to receive the full amount as before - only 3 months after dismissal, but they will be compensated in full.

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The increase in the size of the insurance pension occurs due to the number of pension points earned from insurance contributions made in the previous year, if they were not taken into account in pension accruals and recalculations earlier (Article 18 of the Law “On Insurance Pensions”


Work under a contract for pensioners

1. I work under a contract, I am a pensioner, there is no sick leave, no payment for tickets, no concessions. Is this legal?

1.1. Hello! If a GPC agreement is concluded, then yes, it is legal. Perhaps it makes sense to recognize him as an employee through the court.

1.2. If you work officially under an employment contract, you must have sick leave and vacations. You have every right to file a complaint against your employer’s actions with the State Labor Inspectorate. You can also file a complaint with the prosecutor's office.

1. The prosecutor's office, in accordance with their powers, resolves statements, complaints and other appeals containing information about violations of laws. The decision made by the prosecutor does not prevent a person from going to court to protect his rights.

1.3. If you didn’t sign an employment contract, then everything is legal. Perhaps the court will be able to recognize some kind of employment contract concluded with you.

2. Is it necessary for a temporarily employed pensioner to work under a contract? I worked for 2 weeks and decided to quit, they said I had to work for 3 days. If necessary, from what time is the working time calculated?

2.1. Good afternoon. Warning about upcoming dismissal should always be given in advance, regardless of whether a temporary or permanent employment contract is concluded. The notice period for upcoming dismissal is counted from the day following the filing of the application.

3. If a pensioner works under a civil contract, will the pension be indexed?

3.1. Good day Olga. There is no social package, that's the only downside.

4. I am a pensioner, 68 years old and have not worked. I want to rent out an apartment under a contract. Will I have to pay tax?

4.1. Good afternoon. Yes, you are required to pay personal income tax.

5. I am a pensioner, I live in the city of Apatity, Murmansk region. I work under a GPC agreement (I renew the GPC agreement for a year every year), and contributions are made to both the Pension Fund and the tax office. Once every 2 years, for non-working pensioners living in the Far North, the Pension Fund pays for travel to and from their holiday destination. In 2021, the Pension Fund paid for my travel, but now the Pension Fund demands that I return this amount, because... believes that I am a working pensioner. Is the action of the Pension Fund legal?

5.1. Yes, of course it’s legal, because you are a WORKING pensioner. It does not matter whether you work under an employment contract or under a GPC agreement.

6. I am a pensioner, under a contract I work as an electrician in a HOA, in connection with the communal reorganization in the city administrative district, an Emergency Dispatch Service is being created, and the HOA is forced to join it, which is why I was asked to resign. Can I get any compensation because I was fired without my initiative?

6.1. Dear Nikolai, you can receive monetary compensation due to dismissal at the initiative of the employer. When dismissing a pensioner, the employer is obliged to pay him for basic payments (salary, vacation compensation, additional payments provided for in the employment contract) and additional payments, which include severance pay for the first month.

7. I am a pensioner. Currently I am working under the GPC Agreement. Deductions are made. Will my pension be recalculated after completing work under the contract?

7.1. Hello! Under the GPC agreement, no contributions are made to the Pension Fund, only to the tax office. Work under a GPC contract is not included in either the labor or insurance period.

8. A pensioner of the RF Ministry of Defense, I work under a fixed-term contract, I spent every year, the last one was extended for 3 months, they don’t want to renew it anymore. My age is 71 years old. I am efficient, my position is not being reduced, I have no comments. What to do?

8.1. Dear site visitor! And what form of organization do you work with (state, joint-stock company, etc.).

8.2. Hello, I propose an option - to have the contract recognized in court as indefinite.

9. I am a pensioner born in 1960, but I work under an employment contract. I am entitled to receive a lump sum payment from the funded part of my pension.

9.1. According to paragraph 1.3 of Art. 6 of the Federal Law of December 28, 2013 N 424-FZ “On funded pension”, the right to a funded pension is granted to insured persons: men who have reached the age of 60 years, and women who have reached the age of 55 years, subject to the conditions for the appointment of an old-age insurance pension, established by the Federal Law “On Insurance Pensions” (availability of the required insurance period and the established value of the individual pension coefficient). a funded pension is assigned to insured persons if there are funds from pension savings accounted for in a special part of the individual personal account of the insured person or in the pension account of the funded pension of the insured person, if the amount of the funded pension is more than 5 percent in relation to the amount of the old-age insurance pension (including with taking into account the fixed payment to the old-age insurance pension and increases in the fixed payment to the insurance pension), calculated in accordance with the Federal Law “On Insurance Pensions”, and the amount of the funded pension calculated on the day the funded pension was assigned. If the amount of the funded pension is 5 percent or less in relation to the amount of the old-age insurance pension (including taking into account the fixed payment to the old-age insurance pension and increases in the fixed payment to the insurance pension), calculated in accordance with the Federal Law “On Insurance Pensions” , and the amount of the funded pension calculated on the day the funded pension was assigned, insured persons have the right to receive the specified funds in the form of a lump sum payment.

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10. I am a pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I am 59 years old. From time to time I work under civil law contracts. Will my pension be indexed?

10.1. Under Agency agreements, there are no contributions to the Pension Fund, so these agreements do not affect pensions.

11. Under a contract, I am caring for a pensioner; he is 84 years old; I do not work. Experience suits me. When does the care contract end? From the moment I submit documents to receive my pension or from the moment I actually receive my pension. From the experience of relatives, they submitted documents and applications for a pension, but in fact received it after 2.5 months. My experience will last until I reach retirement age or until I receive an income (pension) Thank you)

12. I am a pensioner, working under a contract for a period of three months, extending the contract, without pay for vacation, sick leave, etc. Am I entitled to indexation of my pension?

You did not specify whether you are working under an employment contract or a GPC agreement.

13. I am the guardian of an 80-year-old pensioner. Can I work on the Internet under a contract without work and while sitting at home? The contract states that the Internet company itself pays 13% tax contributions to pensions, etc.

13.1. You need to read this agreement.

14. We hired a pensioner born in 1955 under a fixed-term employment contract. The contract has expired. We will not extend it. How to properly fire an employee.

14.1. In accordance with Art. 58 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, in the case where neither party has demanded termination of a fixed-term employment contract due to the expiration of its validity period and the employee continues to work after the expiration of the employment contract, the condition on the fixed-term nature of the employment contract loses force and the employment contract is considered concluded for an indefinite period term. If the employee does not want to quit, you can offer him an agreement between the parties, for example, you pay the employee 2 salaries and he quits. This is a legal and correct method of dismissal.

14.2. If the contract has expired and the employee continues to work, the contract is considered unlimited. In your situation, only on the basis of Article 78 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employment contract can be terminated at any time by agreement of the parties to the employment contract.

15. A non-working pensioner begins work on February 4 under a fixed-term employment contract for 1 month. He is already receiving a pension, taking into account indexation for 2021. After 1 month it will not work. How will this affect your pension?

15.1. Good afternoon Leonid, this year your pension has already been recalculated; if you get a job, the amount of your pension will not change (Article 26.1 of Federal Law No. 400-FZ).

16. Question: If I, an old-age pensioner, work under a contract, am I entitled to some kind of pension supplement?

16.1. If you work officially and your employer pays insurance contributions to the Pension Fund for you, then in August you will have to set a new pension amount, taking into account information about your work for the previous year.

17. I am a pensioner. Since November I have been working under a contract for the provision of paid services. My pension has been indexed since January 2021. Am I breaking the law?

17.1. Good afternoon Nikolay, if you receive a salary and insurance premiums are paid for you, then yes, this is a violation and the pension fund will definitely discover that you are working and demand the overpayment be returned.

18. If a pensioner worked under a contract for only three months, will he receive indexation?

18.1. Contact the Pension Fund, and in a month they will start paying with indexation.

19. I am a pensioner (not working). In October-November 2021, I performed work under a contract for the provision of expert services. At the end of December, my services were paid (minus 13%), the contract expired. On January 6, 2021, I received a pension without indexation (obviously, I was considered a working pensioner). Is it correct? After all, I do not receive a salary, but received only a one-time payment for services rendered.

The pension fund is completely wrong.

20. I am a military pensioner. Currently I work under an employment contract in a commercial organization. Am I required to pay via social media? fund and income tax? If so, what is the percentage and do I have any benefits? Thank you.

20.1. Income tax must be withheld.

21. I am a pensioner. Now I'm getting a contract job. Will the Pension Fund pay me anything extra? Thank you.

21.1. It depends on what you mean by paying extra. If a pension is assigned, you will continue to receive this pension, just while you are working - the pension will not be indexed.

22. In an organization, a pensioner works on a fixed-term contract; he was notified 2 weeks in advance that the contract was expiring; the employee signed the notice. Now the manager has decided to extend the contract with him for another year. how to do the right thing, fire and accept, or you can conclude an additional agreement. agreement to TD?

22.1. Hello! If, according to the employment contract, it is possible to conclude an additional agreement, then this can be done, if not, then dismiss and accept.

23. I am a pensioner, I don’t work. I bought an apartment this year under a shared construction agreement. The house will be put into operation in 2021. I will arrange the apartment in my name. Can my husband (the marriage is officially registered and the husband works) receive a tax deduction for the purchased apartment? After all, the property of the spouses is common property - although the apartment will be registered in my name, half still belongs to the husband (in any case, when selling my real estate, notarial consent was required from my husband). Does this right also apply when receiving a tax deduction?

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23.1. In fact, yes, if a spouse registered real estate only in his own name, it is still considered acquired during marriage, and therefore the second spouse has the right to receive a deduction. In this case, the property tax deduction is provided to spouses in the same way as it was distributed when purchasing housing into the total joint value, indicating both spouses. That is, it can be divided between spouses in any shares that they confirm in the corresponding application to the tax authorities.

24. Hello, I am a military pensioner, if I get a job under a contract, what will happen to my pension, will I receive it and in what amount? Thank you.

24.1. Dear site visitor! If you do not return to service, you will receive a full military pension when you get a job.

25. I am a co-founder of an LLC, but I do not work under an employment contract. Am I a non-working pensioner under the new pension law?

25.1. Owning shares in an LLC does not relate to employment relations. You are not an employee of this LLC; the organization does not pay insurance premiums for you. You are a non-working pensioner.

26. Labor law. Hello! I am a pensioner, I work remotely at a bank under a GPC agreement. It always worked successfully. In September from 3-17 I was on vacation. And on September 17, when I returned on the same day, I had a sharp attack of sciatica. I called an ambulance twice on September 17 and 18. Then, on September 27, I took sick leave. But I said that if I have a physical opportunity, I will go on the phone. Line to work. And at the end of the month, I was given a deduction for not meeting the required number of hours. I sent out sick leave again, I still have it open. You still need to work out a time standard. Could this be possible?

26.1. Hello, this can actually happen if your employer’s local regulations stipulate that all premiums are at the employer’s own risk. Ask him for this provision - on the payment of bonuses Art. 8 Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

26.2. Yes, this can happen because GPC does not provide guarantees of an employment contract. You need to read about the terms in your contract.

26.3. Hello, Inna!

The norms of labor legislation do not apply to legal relations arising on the basis of a civil contract. Payment for work performed is carried out for the volume of work performed in accordance with the terms of the relevant contract.

From the situation you described, payment under your contract is based on the number of hours. Being on sick leave will not affect the calculation of the cost of work performed by you.

You should carefully read the section of the agreement regarding the payment procedure.

27. I am a pensioner, I work under a contract for an individual entrepreneur. I sprained my leg and the tendon tore, I have to undergo surgery.. Is sick leave paid for by contract workers?

27.1. Hello. Under a service agreement? Hardly. Sick leave will only be paid if you have an employment contract. Look at the name of the agreement and everything will become clear to you. Get well soon!

New rules for indexing pensions

The time frame for restoring a new size remains the same, 3 months after dismissal. But already taking into account the surcharge. Thus, they will also pay additional payment from the date of dismissal for these 3 months. Let us remind you that previously such an increase was not paid for the past time. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these rules in more detail using the examples in the video.

If a pensioner, for example, resigns in September 2021, then he will be considered unemployed for a full month only from October (1st month after termination of work). Accordingly, in November (the 2nd month after termination of work), the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation will not receive information about his work for October (information on the SZV-M form is submitted only for working pensioners).

The size of pensions for working pensioners in 2021

It is important to know that in the event of dismissal of a working citizen receiving a pension, when recalculating his final payment amount, it will be indexed in accordance with the current percentages. Therefore, in this case, the person will receive it in the same amount as other non-working pensioners. However, the recalculation will also take into account those years that he worked additionally.

  • work experience accumulated over the entire period of work as a citizen, including periods that are equivalent to work experience;
  • the amount of deductions made monthly by the employer or the citizen himself;
  • the individual coefficient of a pensioner, which depends on many factors, including the number of years he worked while receiving a well-deserved pension.

Now the Pension Fund can deprive even a non-working pensioner of indexation

Such a citizen, who represents the sole executive body of a legal entity, the manager, performs labor functions (regardless of the existence of an employment contract). Even if the organization exists purely formally and there is no entrepreneurial activity, information about the head is transferred to the Pension Fund. And the employees of the latter body consider such a person to be working.

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It does not matter whether there is an employment contract or not, whether the chairman receives money for his activities or not. In fact, such a person works, and as a result, he does not have the right to index pension benefits from the Pension Fund.

Economically active population

The number of unemployed is the excess of supply over demand for labor in the labor market. Typically, supply exceeds demand for labor, which objectively causes unemployment. This does not exclude the opposite situation in certain parts of the labor market (regional, by type of activity).

When classifying or not classifying a person as employed, the criterion of one hour is used. In Russia, when surveying employment, the number of employed includes persons who worked one hour or more in the surveyed week. The use of this criterion is due to the fact that it is necessary to cover all types of employment that may exist in the country - from permanent to short-term, casual and other types of irregular employment.

16 Mar 2021 uristlaw 315

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Who is considered a working pensioner?

However, a public organization should not submit reports to the UPFR, since it does not have employees or persons with whom civil contracts have been concluded, the subject of which is the performance of work, the provision of services, for which remuneration is charged insurance premiums, for which insurance premiums are paid.

From April 2021, in accordance with clause 2.2 of Article 11 of the Federal Law “On individual (personalized) accounting in the compulsory pension insurance system,” each insurer organization monthly submits information about each insured person working for it (report in the SZV-M form). This also applies to persons who have entered into civil contracts, the subject of which is the performance of work, the provision of services, for the remuneration for which insurance premiums are charged, for which insurance premiums are paid.

The difference between the pensions of a working and non-working pensioner

Indeed, the state does not make any distinction between working and non-working pensioners - for them everyone is equal. But a working pensioner cannot count on an increase in his pension payments this year. For many, this is quite a big problem, but for others, this is absolutely nothing to worry about, because they receive a quite decent salary, and a pension for them is just a pleasant bonus.

It is believed that working pensioners receive additional financial support that non-working citizens do not have. In this regard, pensioners can begin to receive increased payments only after retirement. What's new with pensions for working pensioners: the latest news for today The restriction that applies to the indexation of pensions for working pensioners is also valid in 2021.

How to recalculate a pension for a non-working pensioner in 2021

An increase in pension payments after 80 years of age is made without a request. Today, every Russian pensioner receives a pension payment in the amount of 4,805 rubles. In the case of those who are 80 years of age or older, they receive double the amount. However, only those who receive an insurance pension have this right.

Today, the pension payment consists of several parts, namely a fixed one and two independent ones. The latter types include insurance and savings. Note that the insurance pension is the most common in the Russian Federation and is guaranteed by the state. Citizens receive it in the following cases:

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Payment of insurance pensions to working pensioners

If a pensioner stopped working between October 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021, he can notify the Pension Fund about this. To do this, the pensioner must submit an application to the Pension Fund and provide the relevant documents. This can be done until May 31, 2021.

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After termination of employment, the pensioner does not need to submit an application to the Pension Fund. The fact is that from the second quarter of 2021, monthly simplified reporting has been introduced for employers, and the fact of the pensioner’s work will be determined automatically by the Pension Fund.

A non-working pensioner who will work under a contract

From January 1, 2021 to the present day, the provision of Federal Law No. 385-FZ of December 29, 2015, approved by President V. Putin, on the suspension of indexation of all types of insurance pensions for working pensioners is in effect.

At the time of the adoption of this law, due to the “savings” on the indexation of insurance pensions for almost 15 million working pensioners, according to some estimates, the budget received an additional more than 400 billion rubles annually.

In this regard, the question arises, how much does a pensioner FORCED to work lose in his income? Let's look at this using the example of 2018.

The answer to the question posed will be different, depending on what kind of pension the pensioner receives.

Recipients of all types of insurance pensions

If the pensioner is a recipient of an insurance pension, then he falls under the aforementioned suspension of pension indexation, since this measure was introduced specifically in relation to insurance pensions. During the period of performance of any activity for which insurance contributions are made to the Pension Fund (work under an employment or civil contract), the insurance pension is paid without taking into account indexation.

Indexation is restored from the 1st day of the month following the month of dismissal. At the same time, the working pensioner retains the right to receive a pension, taking into account all indexations that were carried out before the suspension of pension indexation occurred.

In 2021, indexation of insurance pensions was carried out from January 1, 2021 (by 3.7%). Consequently, pensioners who were listed as unemployed in the Pension Fund as of January 1, 2021 received a corresponding increase in their insurance pension.

For example, let’s take the old-age insurance pension of an “average ” pensioner of 120 points:

The cost of a pension point in 2021 is 81.49 rubles .

Based on it, the average old-age insurance pension at the beginning of 2021 was 120 x 81.49 = 9,779 rubles .

The fixed payment for non-working pensioners increased by 177.79 rubles from January 1, 2018, and the cost of 120 pension points increased by 352.20 rubles .

As of this date, nothing has been added to the pensions of working pensioners.

Thus, in 2021 alone, a working pensioner will miss 530 x 12 = 6,360 rubles , that is, almost one pension. And for 3 years (2016, 2017 and 2018) after the enactment of the law approved by V. Putin on the suspension of indexation of insurance pensions (everything is fine with state pensions, this law does not apply to them.) - almost 20 thousand rubles !

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With a pension level of 9,779 rubles, probably 20 thousand rubles for a pensioner receiving an insurance pension would not be out of place. But the budget saved more than 1.2 trillion rubles over these 3 years.

Pensioners who were unemployed in 2021 and decided to get a job in 2021 will not lose anything in their pension if their employment is dated starting from January 2, 2021. The most important thing is that the employer submits information to the Pension Fund that the pensioner was not employed as of January 1, 2021.

It is this information that the Pension Fund takes into account when determining the right to pension indexation. If a pensioner officially found a job on January 1, 2021, then he will receive approximately 530 rubles per month less in addition to his pension.

Thus, before the next indexation of insurance pensions, and it is planned only for January next year, a pensioner hired after January 1, 2021 can work and receive the same pension as the unemployed, without losing anything.

In order to continue to maintain an equivalent pension, you will have to quit before the next indexation of your pension and not work for at least a month so that the Pension Fund receives information that the pensioner is not working. After this, you can get a job again and receive an indexed pension.

Recipients of all types of state pension

If a pensioner receives a state pension, then the fact of his employment will not affect the indexation of the pension. It is NECESSARY to “save” budget money, but not at your own expense.

However, in certain cases, a pensioner may lose his pension altogether if he gets a job - this applies to those types of pension payments that only non-working pensioners can receive.

These include:

social old-age pensions, which are assigned 5 years later than old-age insurance pensions if the citizen does not have enough experience or pension points,

social supplement to pension, which is assigned if the entire amount of pension payments that a pensioner receives is less than the subsistence level,

compensation payment for care, which is assigned when caring for a disabled person of group 1 or an elderly person over 80 years of age.

More details about pension payments that are not combined with work were discussed in the material Should a pensioner receiving a pension work or not work?

To work in retirement or not

However, in this case, the working pensioner will not be affected by the annual indexation of the fixed payment and the cost of the IPC, since from January 1, 2021, the increase in pensions was canceled (in accordance with Article 26.1 of the Law “On Insurance Pensions”). But the state promises to take into account all amounts of indexation after termination of employment.

After reaching retirement age, a citizen can leave his job at his own request in connection with retirement. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, in accordance with Article 80, an application for dismissal on the employee’s own initiative in connection with retirement may serve to terminate the employment contract within the period specified in it.

What benefits do working pensioners have in the Russian Federation?

At this time, the working pensioner will also receive investment interest on his pension account, but he will also increase the amount from which this interest will be taken due to mandatory insurance contributions, which will ultimately lead to his total old-age pension during the next indexation it will increase by a higher rate. It should be noted here that for indexing in this direction, it is necessary that insurance premiums were paid by the pensioner for a full 12 months continuously. This countdown begins from the day the labor pension is calculated.

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This is one of the categories of people who belong to pensioners. There are also certain exceptions that allow a person, subject to certain conditions specified by law, to retire at a younger age than previously specified. Any person who meets these requirements has the right to apply to the Pension Fund of Russia (Pension Fund of Russia) to assign him an old-age pension.

Indexation of pensions for working pensioners, what benefits are provided

  • Small pension payments, which are not enough to maintain a comfortable standard of living.
  • The retirement age in Russia is not high, so citizens are still able to continue working.
  • Reluctance to lose position.
  • Having free time that you want to fill with interesting activities.

To resume receiving an insurance pension, taking into account indexation, a citizen submits an application about the fact of termination of work. In most cases, a copy of the work record is attached to the application, from which it follows that the citizen has stopped working. You can submit an application after the relevant federal law comes into force, i.e. from January 1, 2021. Applications are accepted by all territorial bodies of the Pension Fund and MFC, which accept applications for the assignment and delivery of pensions. The application can be submitted in person or through a representative, or sent by mail.

16 Mar 2021 uristlaw 332

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Working age limits will be reduced

All of the above applies to able-bodied people, that is, people who are physically and mentally healthy enough to work. Unfortunately, in every society there is a significant layer of people who are not healthy enough for this. Those. c people are disabled, although they are of working age. Such people receive the status of disabled people of the first or second group, which gives them the right to receive a pension regardless of age. The number and proportion of disabled people among the country's population is influenced by a set of conditions on which health depends. The environmental situation, level of material well-being (quality of nutrition, expenditure of vital energy at work), accessibility and quality of medical care, safety of working conditions, etc. are of great importance. You don’t need to be an expert to note a significant deterioration in all these conditions for the vast majority of the population of Ukraine in the last decade. Accordingly, the number of disability pensioners increased from 1,352 thousand people at the beginning of 1986 to 1,978 thousand people at the beginning of 1999. Those. by 46% *.

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c) 16-59 years old - for men (inclusive). The working-age population is the bulk of the labor force of working age, possessing the necessary psychophysical development, knowledge and practical experience, which is able to fully participate in physical and intellectual labor. In world statistics, the working age population is considered to be between 15 and 64 years of age, and according to the UN, it accounts for about 3/5 of the total world population. Currently, the issue of increasing the working life is being considered, but in modern conditions the average life expectancy for men is 64 years, and for women - 74 years (The average life expectancy in the world is approximately 65 years). In industrialized countries it is 76 years, while in developing countries it averages 62 years, and in the least developed areas of the earth it is only 50 years.

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