Pension provision for residents of Nalchik and the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic in 2021

Basic information

The population of the Russian Federation receives pensions according to all-Russian laws. Regions can identify categories of citizens who need additional social support. They are provided with additional payments and benefits at the level of local laws. In addition, residents of the country can receive the right to a pension on various grounds. They are:

  1. reaching the age limit for compulsory employment;
  2. length of service;
  3. disability;
  4. loss of a breadwinner.

There are also several types of pension benefits for people:

  • insurance;
  • social;
  • cumulative;
  • on state support;

Hint: Pension Fund branches are responsible for assigning and paying the following types of support:

  • insurance;
  • social;
  • on the loss of a breadwinner.

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Federal Law on Insurance Pensions of the Russian Federation

Social supplement up to the subsistence level

Low-income non-working pensioners whose monthly income is less than the minimum subsistence level established in a particular region are assigned a social supplement to their pension. It is worth noting that when calculating a pensioner’s monthly income, not only the pension itself is taken into account, but also other payments - EDV, the cash equivalent of the NSU, compensation for housing and communal services, and so on.

There are two types of social supplement:

  1. Regional (RSD). Appointed in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in which the value of PMP exceeds the same indicator established at the federal level. To obtain it, you need to contact the social services department. protection of the population at the place of residence of the pensioner.
  2. Federal (FSD). Paid in those regions where the amount of PMP is lower than the national average. This type of additional payment is issued by the Pension Fund.

The Russian Pension Fund has finally published complete data on the cost of living of a pensioner (PMP) for all 85 Russian regions. PMP is actually a minimum old-age pension - those elderly Russians for whom the Pension Fund has calculated a lower pension receive an additional payment up to this level. Although the procedure for calculating minimum pensions has changed slightly in 2021, in general this rule continues to work. What is the minimum pension in Russia from January 1, 2021, depending on the region - a complete table of the cost of living for a pensioner in the country from the Pension Fund of Russia.

Basic statistical data

The amount of pension assignments in the region depends on the general economic situation. When studying it, a number of indicators are taken into account. Thus, data for the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic are given in the table:

IndexSize (RUB)Clue
Average13 620,0Determined by dividing total funding by the number of recipients
Minimum8 500,0Achieved by providing citizens with a presidential surcharge
Minimum wage (minimum wage)9 489,0General indicator for the Russian Federation
Number of recipients194,839 peopleMilitary and equivalent are not taken into account

Hint: able-bodied disabled people may receive a lower level of benefits.


In order to prevent the impoverishment of large sections of the population, the federal authorities included the following rule in pension legislation:

  • a non-working pensioner cannot receive in hand an amount lower than the minimum monthly wage: for the country;
  • by region of residence;
  • chosen by the recipient.

The subsistence level (LS) is determined by the authorities quarterly at the end of the period. In the third quarter of 2021, this for pensioners in the Republic was equal to 8,588.0 rubles .
(Government Decree No. 215-PP dated November 28, 2017). Thus, when assigning old-age benefits, the applicant is invited to exercise the right to additional payment. Naturally, a person chooses a large amount. Additional payments are made only to non-working recipients . In case of employment, an elderly person is obliged to report the fact to the Pension Fund office. The surcharge will be cancelled. It will be returned to the pensioner after dismissal (you need to write a statement).

For information: employed pensioners also do not have their benefits indexed. All unpaid funds are returned upon termination of the employment contract.

Minimum old-age pension in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic for 2021

The Russian government quite often names the national average amount of old-age pensions. In 2021 this is more than 14 thousand rubles, and in 2020 it will be more than 15 thousand. At the same time, for some reason, they forget about those senior citizens who receive the minimum payment. Although it is they who first of all need state support and an increase in pensions to a more decent level. Unfortunately, the situation of such pensioners will not improve much in 2021, despite officials’ promises to increase pensions in the country by a thousand rubles per month. What will be the minimum old-age pension in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic from January 1, 2021 for non-working pensioners, how much will it increase compared to 2020. Let's learn about the life of Russian pensioners using a specific example from this region.

How is the minimum old age pension calculated?

Strictly speaking, Russian legislation does not contain such a concept as a minimum guaranteed pension. However, in practice, a minimum old-age pension still exists, and it is determined indirectly through other provisions of the law.

The main one of these norms states that the old-age pension in Russia cannot be lower than the subsistence level of a pensioner.

This cost of living is determined by each region independently. What is characteristic is that there is no uniform method for determining it. Regions take real statistics on the cost of the consumer basket for pensioners as a guide. Then some regions and republics include future price increases in Rosstat data, while others do not.

Where to contact

Work with the population is carried out by PFR units operating in all municipalities. In addition, citizens can write a statement using the Internet. To do this you need to go to the official website:

  • Pension Fund;
  • Government services.

Data on the Fund's branches in the Republic are given in the table:

Service areaLocationPhone for informationSchedule of work with the population
Kabardino-Balkarian RepublicNalchik, Pacheva st., 19-a8(8662)42-00-30Monday-Thursday: from 8:45 to 18:00;
Friday: from 8:45 to 16:45;

break from 13.00 to 14.00

BaksanskyBaksan, Lenin St., 72-a8(86634) 4-13-76
ZolskyZalukokoazhe, st. Komsomolskaya, 34a 8(86637)41-2-88
LeskenskyAnzorey, st. Khamgokova 22 8(86639) 95-3-75
MayMaysky, st. Engelsa, 63/4 8(86633)21-3-62
ProkhladnenskyProkhladny, st. Borontova, 368 -a 8(86631)7-40-89
TerskyTerek, st. Pushkina, 146 8(86632)41-2-56
UrvanskyNartkala, st. Lenina, 33-a 8(86635)4-18-90
ChegemskyChegem, st. Baksan highway, 22a 8(86630)4-11-03
CherekskyKashkhatau, st. Mechieva 132 a 8(86636)41-1-78
ElbrusTyrnyauz, Elbrussky Ave. 52 b8(86638) 4-39-76
Nalchikst. Chernyshevsky, 181-a 8(8662) 72-20-69

Hint: Republican hotline: 8-800-200-09-77.

Minimum pension from January 1, 2021

A social supplement to a pension is paid if the total amount of cash payments to a non-working pensioner does not reach the value of the regional PMP.

Online publication “Interfax-Russia”. Certificate of registration of mass media EL No. FS 77 - 64321 issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) on December 25, 2015.

The highest PMP for 2021 is in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (19,353 rubles), the lowest is in the Republic of Tatarstan (8,423 rubles). In 2021, the largest PMP operated in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (RUB 19,000), the lowest was recorded in Chuvashia (RUB 7,953).

Online publication “Interfax-Russia”. Certificate of registration of mass media EL No. FS 77 - 64321 issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) on December 25, 2015.

The Russian Pension Fund publishes a complete table of the cost of living for a pensioner in all regions of the country. This time, such publication was noticeably delayed for unknown reasons - the regions installed PMP at the end of last year. Fortunately, at least in February, the combined data appeared.

From the table you will see how much the cost of living of a pensioner in your region has increased over 1 year (from 2021 to 2021) and over 2 years (from 2019 to 2021).

If an elderly person’s pension is less than the minimum monthly wage, then the state assigns him an increase. In this case, the following rule is used: if the PMP in the region is lower than that established at the federal level, then the additional payment is made by the federal treasury. And on the contrary, if the PMP is higher than the federal one, then the budget of the subject covers the difference.

Now they first calculate the additional payment (before indexation), and then index the pension and add the calculated additional payment to it.

The minimum northern length of service for early retirement has not changed and remains 15 calendar years in the Far North and 20 calendar years in equivalent areas.

Our figure changes from 9 thousand 679 rubles to 10 thousand 198 rubles. <...> The total consolidated budget amounts to 2 billion 243 million rubles, of which 157 million is the republican budget,” said the regional Minister of Labor and Social Protection Alim Asanov, presenting the document at a plenary session of parliament.

Work with policyholders

The pension system of the Russian Federation is a complex system of tripartite relationships:

  1. FIU speaks insurer. The responsibilities of the government agency include working with the population (insured persons) and policyholders. In addition, the Foundation carries out:
      benefit financing;
  2. collection of premiums from policyholders;
  3. checks and more.
  4. Policyholders are enterprises and individual entrepreneurs using hired labor. They are obliged:
      pay contributions for workers;
  5. inform the Fund about hired and dismissed employees;
  6. transmit reports.

Thus, the Fund’s specialists interact not only with benefit recipients, but also with employers. The latter are received in the Republic according to the same schedule as citizens (indicated above).

Addresses of branches of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Kirov and the Kirov region

Address: Kirov region, 610001, Komsomolskaya st., 34

Hotline phone: 57-93-00 / 57-92-70

E-mail address:

Address: 610001, Kirov, st. Komsomolskaya, 34

Hotline number

(8332) 57-92-35 — Fax

(8332) 52-85-74 — social payments

(8332) 52-85-18 - assignment of pensions, recalculation of pensions, indexation of pensions, funeral benefits

(8332) 52-85-13 — advance preparation of documents for granting a pension

(8332) 52-85-42 - maternal (family) capital

(8332) 52-85-56 — issues of assigning early labor pensions

(8332) 52-85-35 — consultations for legal entities

(8332) 52-80-60 — consultations for individual entrepreneurs

(8332) 52-83-37 - general questions, recalculation of pensions, indexation, social payments (610008, Kirov, Novovyatsky district, Molodaya Gvardiya St., 2)

(8332) 52-83-44 - new purpose of pensions, maternity (family) capital (610008, Kirov, Novovyatsky district, Molodaya Gvardiya st., 2)

(8332) 52-84-44 — consultations for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (610008, Kirov, Novovyatsky district, Molodaya Gvardiya st., 2)

; PFR department in Arbazhsky district (without forming a legal entity)

Address: 612180, Kirov region, Arbazhsky district, town. Arbazh, st. Svobody, 16.

Hotline phone: 8(83330)2-14-36

8(83330)2-12-80 - pensions, social benefits, MSK

; PFR department in Bogorodsky district

Address: 612470, Kirov region, Bogorodsky district, town. Bogorodskoye, Kooperativnaya st., 2

Hotline phone number: 8(83333)2-11-58, 2-13-76

; PFR department in Verkhoshizhemsky district (without forming a legal entity)

Address: 613310, Kirov region, town. Verkhoshizhemye, Verkhoshizhemsky district, st. Komsomolskaya, 2a.

Hotline phone number: 8(83335)2-11-59

8(83335)2-12-23 - pensions, social payments, MSK

; PFR department in Kiknur district

Address: Sovetskaya st., 34, Kiknur village, Kiknursky district, Kirov region, 612300

Hotline phone: 8(83341)5-14-05

; PFR department in Kilmez district

Address: 613570, Kirov region, Kilmez district, town. Kilmez, st. Sovetskaya, 79

Hotline phone: 8(83338)2-25-35

; PFR department in Lebyazhsky district (without forming a legal entity)

Address: 613500, Kirov region, Lebyazhsky district, town. Lebyazhye, st. Komsomolskaya, 5

Hotline phone: 8(83344)2-07-09

8(83344)2-02-19 - on issues of pension provision and assignment of early pensions, social benefits and MSK

; Government agency; PFR department in Nagorsky district

Address: 613260, Kirov region, Nagorsky district, town. Nagorsk, Leushina st., 21

Hotline number: 8(83349)2-16-18- for pension issues

8(83349)2-14-79 – Head of Department

; Government institution-; Office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in the Nolinsky district of the Kirov region (inter-district) OPF in the Nemsky district (without forming a legal entity)

Address: 613470 Kirov region Nemsky district Nema village, st. Sovetskaya 79

Tips for visitors

  1. If you have questions, it is not necessary to immediately go to the Pension Fund branch. A lot of useful information can now be found on the official website of the Foundation. In addition, you can also upload an appeal to a government agency there. It will be transferred according to jurisdiction (to the department that serves the territory).
  2. Each department has a specialist who advises citizens. If a person does not understand what to do, they should go to the window for help.
  3. You must come to the unit with an ID card. Specialists do not have the right to provide personal information (for example, about accruals) to a citizen who has not confirmed his identity.

Hint: you should complain about poor quality service in the branches of the Pension Fund of the Republic by calling the hotline (listed above).

Additional payment up to the subsistence level for pensioners in 2021

If, during the calculation or annual indexation of a pension, it turns out that it is less than the PMP, then the citizen should contact the territorial branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (at the place of registration) or the nearest MFC to apply for an increase. This will bring total income to the value of the PMP. The bonus is provided exclusively to pensioners who have stopped working (officially unemployed).

The additional payment is not automatically assigned; the pensioner’s personal presence is required.

Minimum pension amount

The accrued pension cannot be less than the minimum established; in this case, additional payments are received from the state. This amount is increased annually in accordance with existing inflation. The size of the minimum pension is calculated based on inflation and the main requirement enshrined in legislation: it cannot be less than the subsistence level.

The state needs a minimum pension so that it can monitor the life support of pensioners, a category of people who are unable to continue working in the future. For 2021, after re-indexation in the region, the minimum pension is 8,200 rubles.

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